About the Fit Chicks

It all happened in the city of Chicago in 2002. Rachael (Rah) and Stephanie (Steph) were living on the same dorm room floor at college, when this amazing chick named Rebecca (Becca) came into their lives as Rachael’s roommate. There were epic dance parties to Becca’s favorite Detroit sounds. There were procrastination parties in the lounge when none of us wanted to study. There were plenty of laughs and pranks (sorry about the clown thing, Rah), and tons of clothes that were borrowed between Steph and Rah’s closets.

Then we graduated, two married, one had kids and that didn’t seem to stop, and we all ended up working and living in different parts of the Mitt and country. And while it would seem that fate should stretch us apart, we still love each other immensely and are here because we simply cannot stop having fun together.

That’s what this whole thing is about – yes, we talk about food; yes, we talk about weight loss and getting fit; yes, we talk about helping people (somehow we all ended up working in careers that includes some sort of social service – who knew?) – but mostly, we are doing this because when we get together, we find ourselves to be some of the funnest people we know, and we think you may too.

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