Why the Mitt?

Rah and Steph grew up in Western Michigan, about an hour away from each other, before meeting each other at college in Chicago. Becca grew up in Eastern Michigan, outside of Detroit (she won’t let you forget it either), before meeting Rah and Steph in Chicago.

To this day, Rah and Becca still live in their sides of the state. Steph is faithfully representing her Michigan State pride (particularly in the month of March – IZZONE!) in Boston, MA these days.

Michigan is deep in us though. We are friendly, hospitable people, that have an incredible sense of sarcasm (get with it people, we aren’t trying to be mean, it’s a joke). We love our friends and family and know about all things hearty to eat because we endured massive winters. We know about hard living, about making mistakes, about working hard again to correct our mistakes. We love our state (even if we don’t live in it). And 4 out of 5 Great Lakes approve of it.