About Rah aka FitMittChick #2

Photo on 8-16-15 at 1.48 PM

I’m Rah:  33 year old wifey and mama to four little chicks.  I work full-time (plus) for a non-profit organization that I am passionate about.  When I’m not running meetings or running laundry up the stairs, I’m handling food – cooking dinner, packing lunches, preparing snacks.  And the bottom line is: we like to eat.  The truth is, I don’t have time to prepare gourmet, health food.  Or so I thought.  In June 2015, we were fed up with tight clothes, feeling sluggish and wanted a better life for our growing family.  We went on a 30-day paleo diet, lost weight, felt amazing and decided this was something we should consider doing long-term.  You know, a lifestyle change.  Do we cheat once in a while?  Yeah.  We’re not perfect.  But, its a journey and we’re committed.