Unexpected Reward

Come on, losing weight is always the primary focus of diet change. You know it and I know it. And by losing weight, I mean the intended reward of looking better. But what if you don’t really care?

Huh, you say?

Believe it or not, some of us (yeah that was inclusive), don’t care. We don’t care because we’ve given up on being a size (insert ideal size here) or we’ve decided were comfortable in our skin. Maybe we’ve looked this way for so long and been accepted, that there’s really no pressure to look a different way.

But what if the reward of adopting a healthier lifestyle extended far beyond looks and even physical health? I mean, really. What if we had something more to look forward to and our jean size was just an after thought.

So in an effort to inspire and motivate myself, I made a list of rewards that don’t include physical weight loss. Boom! Here you go…

Increased energy
It’s pretty amazing how awesome you feel when you begin fueling your body with the food God intended. Processed junk is hard work for our body to…well, process. But eating whole foods are quite the opposite. Your body was made to use them in a most fascinating way. Test it. I bet you have a new level of energy even after one day.

Deeper, more satisfying sleep
Sign me up! Do you toss and turn at night? Feel like you just can’t get the right amount of rest? Start eating better and exercising and I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby. Again, it’s how God intended for us to thrive.

Joy upon joy
First, let me say this, if you don’t know the true Prince of Peace, then you’ll never know real, lasting joy. But if you’re fueling your body correctly, you’ll probably notice a mood change. Yup, ask my kids. Mommy can be pretty cranky (or hangry) when experiencing a sugar high, sugar low, etc. Start eating whole, real foods and you’ll find that your moods even out. It’s pretty cool.

A renewed focus
Food no longer becomes a source of something, but a means to an end. Throughout this post I’ve used the word “fuel” in reference to food. That’s because food isn’t the end (though we do get the opportunity to enjoy what we eat – thanks tastebuds!). Whole foods are used to give our body the health and energy it needs to: go to work, clean house, help kids with homework, run a mile, and so on. Using food as fuel reminds us why we eat and therefore helps us decide what to eat. Choose the best fuel source to get you through the day.

So there’s four pretty significant ways that you’ll be (almost) immediately rewarded for improving your healthy lifestyle that don’t involve weight. Woo hoo!

But, I guarantee you. If you eat well and exercise, you will lose weight. Bonus!


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