It’s All About Me

I live in a world where I am constantly told what I need to do for others. This is my job, my faith, my family and relationships, my life. This isn’t a bad thing – seriously. I very much love living by the “love your neighbor as yourself” law that was given to me by JC.

However, when it comes to fitness and eating well, I think we forget that part about “loving ourselves.” I do an excellent job (I think) at taking care of and caring for others. I think a lot of us would say that about ourselves. How often do you hear yourself say, “Oh I can’t do that, I’ve got to go help out…” So, I can’t take the time to cook a good, healthy meal for myself because I’ve got to help my kids with their homework, help my church with their food drive, help my boss get their stuff together for a big meeting – so instead, I’ll just go grab McDonald’s or Taco Bell on the way home.

The same goes for working out. Who makes time to actually go to the gym and get a good workout in when we are doing so much for everyone else? It’s hilarious how our giving and loving of others becomes our excuse to fuel our own laziness. Boom. I said it. It’s time to simply stop and start to love ourselves and let the laziness go.

I’m living by this challenge now because I have become one of the worst offenders of this rule. I run a non-profit that helps women who were sex trafficked. So, not only do I run this thing, meaning all of my staff and volunteers and donors want time, communication, ideas, everything; but then there is the added piece that these are women who were sex trafficked, so the whole heart breaking for them is pretty huge.

So, it’s time to take some time for me. It’s time to put the work, the spouse (although he can come with me and often does), the friends, the everything around me aside and simply take some time to keep myself healthy, fit and feeling awesome. Why? Because if I don’t love myself in this way, I won’t be around for very much longer to love others. Anyone with me?



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