The Underdog

Many, many weeks ago, I began a weight loss competition with a friend of mine. After a chaotic summer of off-again-on-again paleo yoyo, this competition was meant to inspire motivation and squeaky clean eating. However…

…I’ve found it hard to keep on track. It has proved more difficult than when I started my healthy lifestyle change wayyyy back in August of 2o14. Why? If you read Rah’s post last week, you joined the conversation on perceived failure. In my case, the feelings of failure kept heaping on as I would exercise and eat right at the start of each week and then slowly fade off until I hit the weekend. In my mind, this would equate complete failure. In working towards a long-term health goal, handling failure well is critical to success. eighty.pngIt took a friend to saying “stop it, get over it, and move on” for me to really snap out of it. An 80% is not failure. It seems simple but it worked just in time to finish out this competition. Did I mention that there is $$$ on the line? And I don’t want to pay up? I wanna go Kanye on the competition!!!


The big weigh-in is December 13th, less than two weeks away. And I’m WAY behind my competition. Like, 10 pounds behind him. But I’m an optimist and there’s a reason people like to root for the underdog, right?!?!?! *Cue the drama* I’m doing this for all the women of the world!!! For all the underdogs!!! For the people who fall and get back up again!!! *I warned you about the drama* 13 days left. Stay tuned!!!



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