When You Fall


This is a pretty good visual of what my week was like. Overall. Not just eating, but definitely eating.


And then this kid runs up on my lap and most of it seems to melt away.

How do you respond to failure? When you set a goal and don’t reach it…or fall flat on your face halfway through, what comes next?

For me, and boy do I think some of you can relate, I give up. I believe the lie that I failed because:

It was too hard…
I’m too undisciplined…
I don’t know how…
I don’t want it bad enough…
[Insert your lie here]…

Is it hard? Sure.
Do I struggle with discipline? Heck yeah.
Do I not know how? Sometimes.
Do I not want it bad enough? To be honest, some days I dont.

But do all of those things – true or false – equal failure? No way.

I consider myself to be a fairly deeply spiritual person. I have a relationship with Christ and He is changing me daily. From the inside out. And that means that I’m a work in progress. I make mistakes, but I also experience huge victories.

So what if I had McDonald’s this week, enjoyed too many desserts and didn’t exercise. Does that equal failure to the point of giving up? This week, I’ll strive to be better. Because this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And though I’m hopeful for results, that isn’t the end goal. The end goal is caring for my family well, teaching then to make wise choices so they can live long, healthy lives by God’s grace.

So ask yourself: What lies am I believing about my supposed failure? What truths can I speak into my own heart this week to overcome those feelings of giving up? I think by now, you know that applies to so much more than just healthy eating. And that’s kind of the point, right?

Stay tuned for a couple of super simple, healthy and fast recipes for wise decision making this week.

Peace out Fit Followers,


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