Goals – A New Way to Think About Them

It’s been three weeks since I put my goals out there for the rest of this year (work out consistently 4 times a week and lose 8 lbs over the next three months). Well, reality check. I have lost 0 lbs and have averaged getting to the gym twice a week over the past three weeks. Why’s that? Because I focused too much on the long-term (what I need to accomplish in the next three months) verses getting focused on the short-term (what I need to accomplish today).

Do you ever find yourself doing the same? You have these huge, awesome goals – I want to get back down to a size this or weigh that or lift this amount of weight, and the numbers are huge or really small (depending on which way you are looking at it), and probably very achievable, but we never get there because we focus too much on them.

So, I’m kicking off this whole thing again. That’s right, it’s a Friday and I’m starting fresh. There’s no waiting until Monday, it doesn’t matter that it’s the weekend – this starts now. I do have those long term goals, but in order to get there, I need to focus on today. Just get me through today, get to the gym and eat well. Then tomorrow, do the same thing again.


Focus on each day before you, making the right decisions that day, and those long-term numbers will come. I’m in for this, so let’s hope the next reality check in a few weeks is a delightful one. Hope you join me!


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