In Need of a Reset?

For me, its always ‘all or nothing.’ And when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, that mentality can be so destructive.  Especially if you’re a perfectionist, rule follower, like me.

Yes, I’m a joy to live with. Ask my dear hubby. Last year I took a personality test and it compared me to Judge Judy. Mhm.

But I digress.

When I did a 30 day clean eating challenge last June, I succeeded with flying colors. Not one intentional cheat. I gave it my all.

And when I cheated two weeks ago during a weak moment at work, I quit and never looked back. Yeah, I’m ashamed to say, that was my nothing.

Thankfully, I have friends in my life who don’t let me get away with excuses or thoughts of quitting. Instead, they challenged me to ‘reset’ and ‘take baby steps.’  I love those words. Notice they don’t include all or nothing?

So, this is me officially hitting the ‘reset’ button. Starting today, I’m challenging myself to make wise food choices this week. I plan to blog frequently for accountability and will check-in on Friday to give you the low-down on my success (or failure).

Challenges that await me this week: my twins’ celebrate their 4th birthday today (read: CAKE), my work Christmas party is Tuesday (Read: MORE CAKE) and I’m certain a long day at work will be met with the temptation to eat out and somewhere unhealthy.

So, there you have it. I’m not perfect (not that I thought I was fooling anyone). But I do want to lead a healthier lifestyle, so I’ll start with this week. Check in on me to see how I’m doing. If you see me out, slap that piece of sugary death from my hand and encourage me to make a better choice. For real.


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