What’s Your Reward?


This is me and my friend Hannah, getting to do something really cool for work. Yeah, its a selfie and I’m not ashamed. We snapped this just moments before we went on set at our local TV station to talk about the great work happening at Holland Rescue Mission. I was so proud of Hannah and the way she talked about how her life has been changed since she entered our program.

I know, this is a healthy lifestyle blog. What’s your point?

Here’s my point. 90% of my trouble with eating healthy comes in the form of reward. I did a great job at work today: let’s eat cake. The kids are all in bed before 8pm: let’s gorge on ice cream. I’m coming down from the rush of this awesome, wonderful thing (you name it): we deserve (chocolate, steak, blah blah blah).

It occurred to me after this TV interview that I have started to turn a corner. Typically, I would say, “That was awesome, what a rush!  We deserve a sugary, piece of death.” But today, today was different. Today, we hugged, we celebrated the opportunity that God gave us to share our story and then we celebrated differently. I grabbed a piping hot cup of black coffee and headed to the office. Still celebratory, but without the shame.

For me, its not about setting lofty, long-term goals that end in failure. At least not anymore.  Now, its about making the next right choice. Is planning necessary? Yup. Do I frequently have to remind myself to exercise discipline? Yup. But the reward comes after the decision has been made to: say no to that dessert, not put sugar in my coffee, skip the buttered roll, walk an extra flight of stairs…the list goes on.

So, stop rewarding yourself with bad food and ponder what next right choice you’re going to make today.


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