Staying On Track

How do you stay on track with healthy eating and exercise?

I’m on day 10 of The Whole 30…applause please. No cheating here. But I’m still fighting lots of cravings and old bad habits.

Tonight, I wanted a cheeseburger. But instead I made bacon wrapped, spinach stuffed chicken with steamed broccoli. Go me.

And instead of watching TV and being tempted to snack, I grabbed a glass of ice water and my new magazine…


…and decided to see how many paleo recipes I can find to make.

It’s all about finding your balance – knowing your weaknesses – and preplanning for success.

I think I made up that word preplanning. But hey, I like it.

Oh and someone told me I was looking thinner and “on point” today. That’d a compliment right?

So how are you going to stay on track this week? Let’s hear it!


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