Desperate Times Call For…

Yup, desperate measures. Clean eating and I have been on-again, off-again for a few months now and I’ve just had enough. Have you been there? Like, if I don’t do this all the way, then I don’t want to do it at all?

And my pants are too tight. And bathing suit season is *gasp* just around the corner.

So this week, my husband and I re-started The Whole 30. Today is day 7.  Do you know what day 7 is described as in the book? Something like, “Just give me a nap already!”


And that’s how I feel, so I guess I’m right on track. I’m excited to share results with you. But if I’m going to be excited about the weight loss, I probably should share me starting weight. Right?

Ok, here goes.

Oh you’re still reading. Ok, my starting weight is…gulp…159.2

Shame.  Last year when I did The Whole 30, I went from 164.5 to 152.  And I gained most of it back.  Shame.

So this time, my goal is to lose 10 pounds this month, to feel refreshed, full of energy, see my acne decrease, feel my hair thicken and be better prepared to continue a healthy lifestyle.  And I hope to keep this up after the 30 days…because really, that’s the key to long term success.

So, since we all love photos…here’s a few from the first week.







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