Bracket Busted, but Goals Still On Track…

Well, March Madness, you did it to me again. You took that rusted, old spork and jammed it into my heart. I can’t even remember the last time my Spartans went out in the first round. C’mon!

I digress though. If I stay on that topic, I will just bring you down into my cavernous wasteland of broken dreams, and this is supposed to be #MotivationMonday, so I guess I will need to let it go and get to motivating.

I put it out there – 9 lbs need to be gone by mid-April. How am I doing? Drum roll, please…..

4 lbs are gone! Poof, away, far, far away!


I am on track to make my goal as long as I stay consistent in what I have been doing. This is KEY. How many times do you set a goal, you begin to see the results of your efforts, and then because you see those results you think that you can slack “just a little bit.” Like, “Oh, I can have some ice cream tonight, it’s totally fine, I’m already down 4 lbs.” Lies. Lies, I tell you. You can’t have that ice cream (yes, ice cream is my MAJOR vice). Because that will actually stop your metabolism from kicking butt and it will store in you like fat.

If you are where I am, at the halfway point (or thereabouts), here is my March Madness reminder to you – YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IF YOU CAN’T GET PAST THE FIRST WEEKEND.

So, remind yourself that it is only halftime, that you still have this game today to play, and that tomorrow there will be another one. Keep eating according to your plan, keep working out and moving according to what you can do, throw in a challenge now and then to keep it spicy and watch yourself not only make that goal, but crush it.

So, how are you doing? What’s your goal for March Madness to set you up for you big goal beyond? Remember, you got this! And just like my dear Spartans, we still love you and root for you (even if you do stumble in the first round).



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