30 Day Results

So, we officially completed our Whole 30 journey yesterday and I’ve got to be honest, it was waaaaaay easier this time around. We weighed in this morning, and I’ll share the results in a minute, but I can already see and feel the benefits from eating completely clean the past 30 days – my pants are looser, my skin is clearing and I am sleeping like a baby.  No more late night cravings or indulgences, thicker hair, no shameful binging.  Just really good food, helping me to feel really good about my body.

So, in my last post, I gave you my starting weight. So hard. I’ve never shared that publicly before. It was 159.2. Boo.

Here we are:


10# lost! 149.8


13# lost! 178

Bam! It works people. And the victories experienced are so much greater than what the scale says. Your health is one of the most important things you have. You have one body, take care of it.

I’ll be sharing some recipes later this week that we used on our 30 day journey. I plan to continue with a two day break. I’m loving how I feel and look and want to continue this lifestyle for life.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Results

  1. OK, so I am going to have to try this. And thank you for sharing your weight. How tall are you? Just curious. It makes such a difference. Often women share weight and not height. I am nearly 6′ tall. Not many women are. So when I think of my weight I have no real source to compare. Thanks for sharing this!


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