15-15-30 Update

June is here! At the beginning of last month, I shared my S.M.A.R.T. goals for the month of May (you can get caught up by clicking here). Since December, I’ve been in an exercise slump. Life got busier and exercise (and sleep) got moved down the priority ladder. This is not a good practice. Especially when you spend most of your 13-hour days sitting and listening to people! I am so glad that I took on this challenge for the month. I can honestly say that I haven’t worked out this much all year long.

So….drumroll….post a comment if you’re actually doing a drumroll right now….badadadadadadada….15 workouts completed (in ummmm 31 days because I was one short and needed to get it in at 9pm before I wrote this blog) and 7 pounds lost!

May Challenge

I’m aiming for the same goals in June but with much harder workouts. The massage is still on the table for June!


Living Up to Our Name

Why hello there. Welcome to our little blog. We are the “Fit Chicks from the Mitt.” You can read more in depth about us in our About Us section, but suffice it to say we are three friends, all from Michigan, who love each other dearly and have something to offer in this facet of eating well, living life fully and having a ton of fun.

To start off our very first blog post, we thought we would let you know our goals for the short term. So, you are hearing from all three of us in this blog. In future weeks, you can expect updates from each of us, points of views from all of us, recipes we make up and try, and lots of hilarious anecdotes along the way.

From Rah:

I stink at goal setting. There, I said it. Correction, I stink at accomplishing goals. I’m great at accomplishing things, but the accountability of goal setting first is hard for me. I’d rather not tell you what I’m striving to achieve beforehand. Ya know? That said, the achievements in my life that I’m most proud of were really goals, that I set or were set for me and I reached them. When it comes to healthy living and eating, my immediate goals are simple – feel good about what I eat, how I feel when I eat it and how I look as a result. I’d like to lose another 10-15 pounds to get closer to my goal weight by Christmas. That’s a super specific goal, but its something I’d like to work towards. Which means I have exactly 101 days to do that.  Completely accomplishable. Anybody want to join me?


From Steph:

I’m a massive goal setter. I set goals in my work, in my workouts, in my cooking (last Thanksgiving I did a pumpkin challenge and incorporated pumpkin into all of my dishes), in pretty much every facet of my life. Sometimes though, once I smash the goal I had, I will get lazy again about that goal that I crushed. This is called maintenance. I’m incredibly disciplined when I have a number to reach, but once that number is passed, I am horrible about staying disciplined to maintain. So, I lost 34 lbs and then I gained probably 12-15 back. Yeesh.
So, my goal with this blog is to be real about the struggle of maintaining this life of discipline, to be real about the struggle of finding time in my day to work out and to be real about the struggle to get those 12-15 lbs back off (they were the hardest to get off last time, and are proving so again). My short term goals? Work out consistently 4 times a week for the next 3 months, and lose 8 lbs in the next 3 months.

From Becca:

I’m great at making short-term goals but the long-term, more difficult goals rarely get a commitment from me. In April-ish 2015, Fit Chick #3 (Steph) asked me what my big, huge, long-term weight loss goal was. I freaked out as I thought about it. Then she mentioned a number and I laughed. I didn’t even know what to guess because I hadn’t been under 200lbs since probably early high school. Then something happened. I thought back to the goals that I had crushed in prior months (32lbs lost my first month, 65 total throughout the year) and still in 99% disbelief, I shared a number: 155 pounds. Typing that still makes me laugh. I still feel unsure about my very big goal, but I share it because I want it. I’ve learned that sharing my goals helps me push myself in reaching them. I’ve also learned that setting slightly-bigger-than-I-think-I-can-reach goals are helpful to me. That being said, my short-term goal is to to workout at least 7 times each week and to lose 40lbs by Christmas.

My goal in sharing with others is to share my own ups and downs of long-term, big-time weight loss. 2015 has been a rocky summer in the health and fitness department but its true that we can’t start the story over but we can start now and change the ending. Or something like that.