Tips for a Successful Workout

I wish I could tell you all right now that every time I go to the gym I have an amazing workout. That I lift more each time, do more reps, push myself harder on whatever cardio machine I am on, and that people flock to me at the gym just to watch my incredible form as I do a squat.

Yeah, right.

Most days at the gym, I am thankful that I can mentally focus on the task at hand for 30 or maybe even 45 minutes before my mind starts to head back to work and all of the stuff that has to get done. That’s right, you heard me – 30-45 minutes. I’m definitely not one of those people that gets to the gym and spends 2 hours there. I get in, work hard, get out and get on with my day. Because of that, I have found that I really have to focus when I go. Here are some things that I have found helpful for me, so that way, when I am at the gym, I let the work stuff go for a few minutes and focus in on actually getting a good workout in.

  1. I drink a cup of coffee about 30-60 minutes before I know I am going to go workout. This actually has helped tremendously as it takes that sluggish feeling away and gets me going (especially since I never really want to “get going” to the gym).
  2. I make myself do one thing I hate. So, if I am lifting legs, that means that I will be doing lunges at some point in the workout. If I am doing arms, then I will do resistance bands. If I am on cardio, I will make myself go 10 minutes longer and harder. Let’s face it, I am good at quite a few things. I rock my squats. I can bench pretty well and feel good doing it. But I absolutely HATE lunges. They hurt, and they make me hurt later because they work out a muscle that isn’t normally getting any action. So, I force myself to do one thing I hate each workout. It helps me have a better workout and not just do the things I’m good at over and over again.
  3. Keep it interesting for yourself. I rarely do the same thing each week. This past week, I focused on cardio all week long, cause I was feeling a bit sluggish and I knew that this would wake me up. Some weeks, I’m all about lifting A TON. Some weeks, I’m all about lifting longer with less weight. I change it up each week making sure to continue to work on my whole body and not just one area.
  4. Get some good tunes. I know that this really has nothing to do with an actual workout, but I find that I have my best workouts when my jam comes on! I could be in my 40th minutes on the elliptical machine and want to quit, and then all of a sudden Missy Elliot comes on and I’m like, yep, you got this! Chubby waist, be gone! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know – not what that song means, but still.

Anyhoo, those are my tips. Really, they are no brainers, but somedays we just need the simple reminder to keep at it. You do this because of the goals you have. You do this, hopefully, because you enjoy the feeling you get from feeling good about yourself and what you are accomplishing. Remember…You Rock


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